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tv   9 News Now at 11pm  CBS  July 19, 2009 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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noww this is 9news now. >> i'm jobre uchnson. thank you for e joining us this sunday night. it should have been a birthday celebration but tonight a man is dead in loudoun county. two are in custody. surae chinn has the latest. >> reporter: they were having fun drinking and partying until one man was killed. >> he took off my shirt and put it on his wounds. i held it there for over 20 minutes until the place came. we prayed. we did our best. our condolences go out to the family. >> reporter: the 20-year-old man and a 26-year-old man have been charged with second degree murder for the shooting death
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of a 19 year old. detectives say the shooting happened as the party ended. a fight broke out in the street in sterling. they say the victim was shot in the neck and ran to the backyard of the house and collapsed. >> everyone around didn't even know him. we didn't know him and we were trying to save his life. >> reporter: residents are stunned a murder happened in their neighborhood but some residents say the people in the house have been known to throw parties and play loud music. >> never called the police just because it was a nuisance, it wasn't something that escalated beyond really loud noise. i'm shocked that something escalated out of control. >> reporter: the host of the party says the three people involved attended the party but he didn't know them. >> we have a house party. people can come from other areas. people who you don't even though and that can cause issues within the party. and that can lead to tragedy and unfortunately we saw one here. >> reporter: in sterling, surae chinn, 9news now and
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>> as far as the homeowners, they have not been charged with anything. they are investigating if there was underaged drinking at that residence. this is the fifth homicide of the year in loudoun county. did a train operator make a mistake? the light rail training crash in san francisco with new information. a federal investigation says the train operator switched controls from automatic to manual before he should have. 48 people were hurt in saturday's crash. four of them seriously. when a westbound train rear ended a train at the opposite end of a boarding platform. now investigators are trying to determine why the operator switched those controls. >> i would say that we are not looking at the mechanical any more but we are still concerned somewhat about signal in the area we need to gather the information. we need to know what the signal status was but also we will be interviewing the operator and looking at human factors. >> investigators say if the operator had remained on auto pilot the train would have
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slowed down before arriving at the station and likely not slammed into that parked train. the u.s. military is calling a taliban video of a u.s. soldier propaganda. a family is praying for their son's safe return. >> reporter: the fear is unmistakable in the eyes of the 23 year old. it is even clearer in his voice. >> i have a very good family that i love back home in america. and i miss them every day that i'm gone. >> reporter: it has been two weeks since bergdal went missing from his unit. in the video the private says he was lagging behind on patrol but the u.s. military say the incident is still under investigation. >> scared i won't be able to go home. very unnerving to be a prisoner. >> reporter: in the 28-minute
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video posted on a taliban website his captors ask him to send a message to the american people. >> please bring us home. in america the people have the power. >> reporter: the u.s. military is doing everything it can to bring bergdal back safely but insists there will be no negotiating. >> that is a violation of international law. >> reporter: bergdal's family released a statement saying "we hope and pray for our son's safe return to his commrads and then to our family. the taliban group holding him have not set any conditions for his release. cbs news, new york. funeral services take place tomorrow in conneticut for a 30- year-old communications director for dc councilman jack evans who drowned after a boating party in baltimore a week ago. the body was found tuesday in
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the baltimore inner harbor. investigators say there are no signs of foul play. they believe he fell off a dock. he was a graduate of catholic university here in washington. people were hurt tonight after a two-car crash in maryland just after 8:00 p.m. this evening. authorities say the driver of one of the vehicles had been stopped by police just moments before the crash. the driver then struck another vehicle at the intersection of jacobs road and still meadows drive. six adults and four children including an 18-month-old boy were hurt. a 22-year-old man was flown by helicopter to the university of maryland. shock trauma center in baltimore. medics are calling it life threatening injuries. employees in north carolina returning to work today after a fatal explosion shut down a facility last month. the town's mayor says he hopes resuming operations helps the community to heal. >> they move on by getting back
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to work. the healing and recovery process will take some time. >> it caused a partial collapse of the facility killing three workers and injuring dozens more. investigators say they believe natural gas from an industrial water heater caused that blast. his right arm in a cast pope benedict greeted worshipers near his mountain retreat. it was the 82-year-old pontiff's first public appearance since undergoing surgery to reset his wrist after a fall. he used his left hand and then raised his right arm in a cast to make the sign of the cross. he thanked the doctors and medical staff who treated him. a pilot survived a small plane crash today near a hotel and busy highway. there was one person on board when the cessna single engine fixed wing aircraft came down in northern new jersey. she was pulled out with
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lacerations to her face and legs. the plane developed mechanical problems before the crash she said. nobody on the ground was injured. three fishermen were rescued today. a coast guard put out flames on the vessel. there is no word on the cause of the fire. that boat could not be saved. astronauts aboard the space subtle complex are busy with robotic work these days. they used endeavour's robotic arm to load space station parts out of the shuttle this morning. nasa wants to store as many big parts as possible at the international space station before the shuttle stops flying at the end of next year. >> one of the two titles --
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two toilets broke and somehow became flooded. they put a sign on the toilet "out of service." >> any idea when it will be working again? >> no, we don't have a good estimate. we think it flooded the pump separator and we have may got fluid where we don't want it and it will take awhile to work through a procedure to recover. >> there is no emergency they say to the bathroom situation at least not right now but if it remains out of action for several days they will have to reassess the situation. the crew of the apollo 11 got together on the eve of the 40th anniversary of man's landing on the moon. some lucky people right here in washington were able to hear them look back. and also looking to the future. here is dave statter with the story from there on the mall. >> reporter: a standing ovation for the first man to set foot on another celestial body.
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a rare chance to hear neil armstrong to speak. >> i chose for my title goddard, governance and geo physicses. history is a sequence of random events and unpredictable choices which is why the future is so difficult to foresee. >> reporter: but the future and a trip to mars is what his fellow apollo 11 astronauts want to talk about. >> as celestial bodies go, the moon is not a particularly interesting place. but mars is. america, do you still dream great dreams? do you still believe in yourself? are you ready for a great national challenge? >> reporter: for those lucky enough to get tickets a chance to watch an historic moment. >> i figured this could be the
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last chance we will see the three astronauts together. >> who are they? >> the first astronauts to stand on the moon. >> is that pretty cool? >> yeah. >> you still like star wars better? >> yes. >> reporter: one man that didn't make it inside is from houston and he is in pursuit of neil armstrong and has been for years. >> this is a signed photograph when he was in training. >> reporter: he has been able to get a few autographs from neil armstrong. >> he has signed for me up until a few years ago when he stopped signing. >> reporter: he points out that a check signed by neil armstrong recently was auctioned for several thousand dollars. dave statter for 9news now and >> the crew was joined on stage by others who played key roles in putting the man on the moon. former senator and astronaut john glen. first american to actually orbit the earth. relatives of a man who drowned
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trying to save a little girl he didn't know say they are very proud of him tonight. 20-year-old allen heck saw a child in distress in a river in kelso, washington and went in to save her. he handed the girl over to a group of people near the shore and then he disappeared. >> he probably wasn't even thinking. i'm lost. >> all she kept saying was uncle allen is in the water and he is not coming back to us. >> my son is a hero. he saved that little girl and he gave up his life for that little girl. he probably just thought that he needed to help somebody. >> the coastguard dispatched a helicopter to search the area. the body was found 50 yards down the river. his mother and sister say he was homeless and lives in a shelter. they say he was an avid swimmer and had taken life guarding lessons. still ahead on 9news now tonight. a new way of putting homeless dogs and cats together with people looking for shelter animals.
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a birthday celebration for nelson mandela brings out the stars in new york this weekend. we will take you there. b@
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set for tuesday for a former fox news channel producer convicted of possessing child porn. he was arrest the in february after pennsylvania police notified dc police who went to his home and seized his computer. he had been sharing child porn on a social networking website. he faces a ten-year prison
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sentence. > best selling author died. he was being treated for melanoma. he was best known for his best selling "angela's ashes." a book about his poor childhood won a pulitzer prize. he attended the white house and talked about the book. >> bands all over the city. there were many people that don't like what i said about them but the tills are ringing. >> mccourt also wrote "angela's ashes" after retiring as a new york city high school english teacher. the guest of honor couldn't make it but that didn't stop the party. a sture studded birthday bash held in new york this weekend to pay tribute to nelson mandela on his 91s birthday. gloria gainer kicked it off.
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performers included aretha franklin. nelson mandela gala crowns a week of celebrations honoring the legendary rights activist who battled appar tied in south ave ca. south -- south africa. rolling out a new mobile adoption unit today. volunteers can now take dogs and cats anywhere in the county. in just one hour today four cats and a dog found new homes. this afternoon the mobile unit rolled into the dulles town center in sterling. gave people a look at the animals that are looking for homes. >> to be able to take them all at once, make them comfortable.
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climate controlled. it is great. we are happy to have them out here. >> people don't want to make the drive out to waterford. we understand that. anyone that sat in route 7 or route 9 traffic understands that. we want to bring our animals out to where the people are. so if you're out shopping on a sunday maybe you will find a pet too. >> they plan to be at the dulles town center once a month. a special run on cats. adoption fee only $4. metro wants to make some $45 million in bicycle and peddest ran improvements and transit wants your help determining how they will do it. metro says the number of people biking to rail stations during the morning rush has increased 60% over a five-year period. daily total of 1500 bike riders and that number is expected to keep riding. metro plans to hold a workship wednesday 5:30 p.m. anybody interested in providing input is encouraged to attend
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that meeting. cit group incorporated is meeting right now to discuss options that would allow the lendser to avoid bankruptcy. the wall street journal reported the company is close to a deal with bond holders for some $3 billion in emergency funding. the new york based company is a lendser to small and mid-sized businesses. rescue talks with government regulators broke off late wednesday after days of around the clock negotiations. several counties in the washington region are joining together to ask for stimulus money for neighborhoods that are being destroyed by foreclosures. they are applying for those funds. the group targeted 60 areas that would benefit from the grant. check out tomorrow's washington examiner for the full story on that. how long can we keep this great weather around? to pais up next with the forecast. stay with us. qqx
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california company setting out to make your dog smell a little ssle like a dog these leysda pooch purrfume is making its debumat ys from natural oils that are rubbed onto your dog's fur. >> they start smelling things and they look around and something smells good around me. >> the purrfume line created by two best friends and makes its debut this week at their pet
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boutique in los angeles. >> it is to attract people not other dogs, right? because if it is to attract other dogs. >> i think it is a good idea especially when the dog comes from the park and pond. >> give him a little spritz. >> i like it. >> good idea to keep the temperatures going. this weekend was great. hottest part of the year typically. it is not uncommon to have temperatures in the 90s. heat index over the 100s. 83 today. last night record low temperature of 57 degrees. that's good stuff and it looks like we will keep it going at least through the beginning of the week. let's start with the three-day trend as we always do. there could be a couple of showers hanging around but basically this is a good forecast going into the beginning. workweek. this is not the kind of rain that will affect the morning commute or anything like that. so don't be concerned when you wake up in the morning tomorrow. as a matter of fact, most areas i do believe will be dry to start the day on monday. increasing clouds for the rest of tonight. won't be as cool as last night.
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not going to break any records. probably will stay in the 60s in most places but by july standards you would still consider tonight very nice. keep the windows open. partly to mostly cloudy skies during the day tomorrow. 30% chance for a shower or thunderstorm. so just hit and miss kind of stuff. the high temperatures ranging between 78 and 83 degrees. normal high this time of year is 89. so well below the mark again on monday. right now cloud cover coming in from the south. we will call it partly cloudy but those clouds will continue to thicken up as we head through the night and that will stop the temperatures from falling as quickly as they did last night. remember clouds at night keep the temperatures warmer than if you have a clear sky. 75 degrees downtown. dew point still very comfortable at 58 but that has come up since earlier tonight. dew points were running in the low 50s at 6:00 p.m. when we were with you and they will continue to go up i think through the night. temperatures have already fallen into the low 60s in winchester and culpeppe . because of the cloud cover temperatures will level out as we head into tomorrow morning.
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we have a big area of low pressure up here in the great lakes and that's created an autumn-like air mass. temperatures were in the 60s today across the great lakes. we will continue to get a feed of the source region of the air. little disturbance in the upper levels drifting down to chicago tonight then hook up with some of the moisture coming up through the gulf of mexico and perhaps create a couple of showers for us on monday and tuesday and that will be the theme all the way through the middle portion of the week. jet stream will stay down to the south. little ripples in the jet stream will pass on buy. very hard to time these things so we will put a slight chance for a shower and thunderstorm in the forecast for the next couple of days all the way through thursday but the main thing that you want to notice there is the temperatures. again, they are staying well below normal. into the mid-80s on wednesday and thursday but even that is below the mark. we might get closer to the seasonal norm friday and saturday with high temperatures in the upper 80s to maybe near 90 but i still don't see any
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big heat waves and no break to this weather pattern probably until the end of july. not saying it won't get hot for a couple of days but this pattern will stay with us until the ends of july. >> we may see some unusual weather in august as well. >> yes, i think so. i think we will keep it going. this kind of pattern is a hard one to break. first part of august similar r lami attowh we have now. >> interesting. coming up, a quick look at sports plus. if we don't act, medical bills will wipe out their savings. if we don't act, she'll be denied coverage because of a pre-existing condition. and he won't get the chemotherapy he needs. if we don't act, health care costs will rise 70%. and he'll have to cut benefits
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for his employees. but we can act. the president and congress have a plan to lower your costs and stop denials for pre-existing conditions. it's time to act.
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west palm beach man who lost two fingers when an alligator bit him. he was trying to save his dog. he let husband dog out unleashed in his waterfront backyard when he saw the alligator grab his pet. >> my granddaughter started singing see you later alligator and all of a sudden another alligator came up and he was
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swimming around in the lake. >> they are 9 or 10 feet long. >> the gator was removed and euthanized. the dog was not seriously injured. sports plus a few minutes away. dave owens here. >> got the nats, british open. nats looking to turn fortunes around with jim riggleman taking over. fortunes didn't turn around. chicago came in and they just took four straight from the home team including today's beat down. here is some reaction from the locker room. >> no matter who you are playing you have to play good defensive and pitch well and score runs in this league. we haven't done that well and therefore our record shows it. >> despite the absence of tiger and phil still a great british open. tom watson and stewart cink
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down to the wire. we will tell you who prevailed today. college football right around the corner. we are talking to maryland head football coach ralph friesen in the studio. he is replacing seniors from last year and also changing his life too. you want to check that story out. it should be interesting. michael vick becoming a free man tomorrow. what will the nfl commissioner do? all that and more coming up on the plus. >> what is he doing to change his life? >> you have to wait and see. >> i knew he was going to tell you that. >> but it is life changing. >> okay. >> let's see if the forecast is an easy guess. so far it has been. nice weather today and yesterday but tomorrow will have a couple of rain drops. i emphasize the couple part. it will be raining during the morning commute. it possibly will not be. high temperature only 81 on
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monday and tuesday. that's good enough. >> the fridge has lost a lot of weight. >> good news. very good news. thank you for watching 9news now. tomorrow morning beginning at 4:55 a.m. sports plus is next. have a great week. bye. captions by: caption colorado, llc 800-775-7838 email: hmmm... well... naaa... yeah! calculating for getaway. ♪ find your way to a perfect destination at busch gardens... and water country usa... where family-fun surrounds you... and world-class rides astound. start at
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during the pontiac summer closeout. visit it's the all new sesame street forest of fun... at busch gardens in williamsburg. with four family-friendly rides... and everyone's sesame street friends. ( elmo giggles ) ♪ big and small! there's fun for all! ♪ coming up on the plus. >> can't do anything about it now. >> a bad weekend gets worse for the nats as the cubs serve up a capital city beat down. >> time to talk terp football. >> i don't think a team that works as -- a team has worked as hard as this team. >> embarking on a


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